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RB Solutions offers a complete line of services in the field of pre-owned and new railway machines.

RB Solutions offers a complete line of services in the field of pre-owned and new railway machines. We are highly dedicated in helping our customers to acquire, deliver, customize and maintain pre-owned railway machines, as well as training personnel, all over the world.

Please contact us for more information about our services. Or if you have used railway machines that you would like to sell and extend the lifecycle of for a more sustainable railway industry.

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Sustainable solutions

Now is undeniably the time to consider every single process we execute in our business as well as our private life.

The environment has never been under a more prominent pressure and the demand for raw materials and the strain the transportation inflict on the environment, has never been more prominent.

Purchasing a preowned railway machine has a wide range of obvious advantages for the environment and it joins neatly with the financial considerations. Further more there is a branding and communicational aspect that should be utilised as well.

Join our Network of knowledge and learn how other RB Solutions customers has gained traction in their corporate communication and branding from purchasing preowned machines.


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Press release

Two brand new tamping machines on their way to Sweden

Infranord are investing in new tamping machines

The biggest railway contractor in Scandinavia, Swedish Infranord, has decided to invest in two new and modern tamping machines.

Higher efficiency and a lower environmental impact have been key for this decision.

Behind this investment is RB Solutions AB who have bought the machines and rented them out to Infranord on a 10-year contract from the day the machines are delivered in Sweden.

The machines are presently in production and will be fully homologated and ready for operation in Sweden at the beginning of 2026.

– We are constantly working to streamline the maintenance and construction of the railway. The new machines have a high capacity and flexibility, which means that work on tracks can be carried out faster and leads to fewer disruptions to train traffic. With this investment, Infranord will have the best suited track tamping machines on the Swedish and Norwegian market, says Stefan Gustavsson, president and CEO of Infranord.

RB Solutions have for some time worked to find new and innovative methods to introduce new and modern railway machines into the market.

– The excellent collaboration between Infranord, Plasser & Theurer and RB Solutions have now put us in a situation where we are able to rent out machines. This is yet another alternative to support the market in the big transformation from a rather old Scandinavian fleet of railway machines to a modern, highly efficient and sustainable fleet, says Marthin Lundström, CEO of RB Solutions.

Recently added machines

14 - Plasser & Theurer PBR400

Plasser & Theurer PBR400

Plasser&Theurer PBR400 Ballast Regulator, approved for Europe, year 1996, gauge 1524 mm.

12 - Plasser & Theurer SMD80 2 portal cranes + 30 sleeperwagons

Plasser & Theurer SMD80 2 portal cranes + 30 sleeperwagons

Plasser & Theurer SMD80 Track Laying machine, approved for Europe, year 1997, gauge 1524 mm.

2- Plasser & Theurer RM80

Plasser & Theurer RM80

Ballast Cleaning Machine
Gague 1524 mm can be rebuilt to another gauge
Year 1992

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